What can you expect from Mold Providence?

Mold Providence Initial Contact - you will speak with a courteous professional mold inpsector about your particular situation. Once your questions and concerns are addressed, an appointment, if necessary, to visit your property will be scheduled.

Procedures included in Mold Inspection:

  • Inspection Engagement - one or more of our mold inspection experts will arrive at your property promptly at the scheduled appointment time.
  • Visual examination of all the rooms inside your property looking for a visual mold indication paying special attention to places we know are prone to mold growth like under sinks/toilet, carpet/wall corners, crawlspace, basement, etc.
  • Moisture Meter Usage: for moisture measurement on walls and ceiling surfaces. If the moisture level is high, the possibility for mold increases.
  • Infrared camera usage: a valuable diagnostic tool which gives us the ability to detect water leaks behind walls, in ceiling, or under floors without the need for any destruction. In addition, it can identify dew points, which indicates areas of potential mold growth. Call for rates.
  • Boroscope usage: this tool has a high-resolution lens which provides us a visual image of mold or water stains in places that are not reachable.
  • You are then presented with the preliminary findings and recommended samples, if any, are discussed.

Post Inspection - many important tasks must be completed after we leave the property.

  • Samples, if collected, will be sent to an independent microbiology laboratory for analysis.
  • 48 hour turn-around-times are standard, but quicker service can be arranged…as quick as one day if required.
  • An inspection report is compiled using all of the information,both written and photographic, that was gathered during the inspection. This document is detailed, but easy to read,understand, and follow.
  • The inspection report and laboratory report will be neatly packaged and sent to you. You will receive a telephone call from the professional assigned to your engagement to review, in detail, your inspection packet.

  • We are Local and available 24/7 for quick emergency response
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