Everyone is exposed to mold in the outdoor air. When mold grows indoors exposure is greater, which is unhealthy for anyone. People with breathing difficulties, immune system problems or allergies, are more likely to be the first to have ill effects. Infants and children, pregnant women, and the elderly can be more sensitive to the effects of mold exposure than healthy adults.

From the time you call and speak with one of our Mold Providence customer service phone representatives, you will be impressed with our knowledge, attention and eagerness to provide you with a solution to your potential Mold Problem. Our Mold Inspectors will recommend the best area to take a mold test, or multiple areas. Air and surface samples are examined under a microscope by highly trained lab technicians, who then tell you exactly what types of molds they find and the concentration of each. Your report from the laboratory will help you understand what those results mean to you, In fact, unlike many other mold testing companies, most of the Lab's that we send your sample to will answer your questions or explain your results if needed.

Why test for mold?

  • To determine mold spores existence while there is no visual mold at your property.
  • To determine mold type and toxicity levels.

What is included in Mold Testing?

  • 3 Mold samples collection including surface and air samples to assure a through property testing:
    • Surface swab sample - to determine whether there are or mold spores growth in any surface but have not reached the air yet.
    • Two air samples - to determine whether there are airborne mold spores existence that have not reached any surface at your property yet.
  • Samples examination by an independent testing laboratory to verify toxicity level and fungi type.
  • (In order to protect you the customer, US law states testing and remediation will be done by different parties, so we send samples to a certified lab.) A professional lab report analysis by our certified mold inspectors.
  • A detailed recommendation for a permanent mold removal procedure according to the specific mold type.

Allergies and sickness due to mold spores existence or property damages are entirely preventable. It is worth it if it saves your life!

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