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With over 30 Years of Mold remediation experience, Mold Providence provides a complete, permanent and safe mold remediation with a 100% guarantee to pass the mold clearance test. We provide our clients with full service mold inspection and sampling services. Our goal at Mold Providence is to gain a full, complete picture of a property and to effectively communicate the condition, with respect to mold and water intrusion, to our valued clients.

Molds are but one type of fungi that exist in nearly every location across the globe. The purpose of fungi is to break down organic material and recycle them for future use by plants and animals. The family of fungi includes mildews, yeasts, large mushrooms,and mold. Fungi require organic materials in order to form and expand.

When damp conditions are present, mold is able to grow on such diverse materials as wood, carpet, insulation, cloth, and all types of food. Mold thrives in damp, moist, or wet surroundings, frequently in areas where humans exist. We at Mold Providence are experts in knowing that mold typically reproduce through their spores that are released into the air and land on moist, organic materials. The spores then germinate and begin expanding out in elaborate networks. The factors that determine the rate of this growth include amount of moisture, type of food or organic material, temperature, and many others.

Our thorough mold removal process includes:

  • Performing mold decontamination and abatement procedures using 'green' mold cleaning materials for a safe & permanent mold remediation.
  • We guarantee 100% mold purification clearance pass - not even dead mold spores are detected once our process is done, unlike other cleaning methods in the market (heating, micro-mist and others which leave inert mold spores around).
  • Fungicidal protective coating application to prevent future mold and mildew growth in treated area.
  • Complete damage restoration for affected areas.
  • Our Certified Technicians are on call, equipped with fully loaded units, ready to handle any mold problem and ensure that your home is mold-cleaned and all mold damage is repaired.
  • 911 Restoration provides a 100% guarantee to pass mold clearance tests that will be preformed by a 3rd party laboratory, for all mold jobs!

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